Solutions for the supply chain

Biolchim attends MACFRUT2019

Profit for producers, satisfaction for technicians and sector experts, well-being for consumers. In the fruit and vegetable supply chain every actor has a very specific goal. Biolchim nourishes their success.


Analyzing farmers’ goals, sharing their experiences, tracing new ways for more and more focused and performing crop nutrition. MACFRUT2019 has been all this for Biolchim: a precious opportunity to learn, listen, support and solve. From 8th to 10th of May 2019 the stand set up for the international event was a crowded meeting point for many workers of the supply chain. Strong by the effectiveness, safety and sustainability of its strategies, the company staff has done what it does best: pay attention to agronomic problems, offering concrete solutions.




Enriches the Biolchim’s catalog, to offer new answers to farmers, T34 BIOCONTROL® which is the new biological fungicide (specific for the italian market) presented by the company, which has captured the attention of MACFRUT participants. Formulation based on conidia of the fungus Trichoderma asperellum T34 strain, a Biolchim speciality preventing and blocking the establishment and development of harmful fungi, while promoting plant growth.
It is the most concentrated formulation on the market.

As a matter of fact, a kilo of T34 BIOCONTROL® contains 120 billion CFU (colony forming units) of Trichoderma asperellum. This guarantees maximum effectiveness, at a lower dosage than other products in this category. The composition of T34 BIOCONTROL® also allows farmers to limit the use of plant protection products, reducing the risks of developing resistance in pathogens and promoting sustainable agricultural defence. T34 is allowed in organic farming, leaves no residue and has no time for shortage.



Adopt more efficient technical means and reduce waste. Get more from crops, streamlining inputs. Precision agriculture is the answer to the needs for a more sustainable and intelligent management of agricultural heritage. Innovation in the agricultural sector offers effective solutions that make it possible to increase the quantity and quality of production, in a sustainable manner.

Biostimulants, also as LED lamps and drones, are a perfect example. With the aim of providing farmers with increasingly targeted and effective solutions, to maximize yields and organoleptic characteristics of the productions, Biolchim has since some time been collaborating with C-LED and SKYDRONE360.

The two companies, guests of the Biolchim stand at MACFRUT, are two cutting-edge companies in the field of lighting and aerial mapping of crops. The two partnerships are part of the WIN Project (Worldwide Innovation Network): a network of international collaborations aimed at creating innovation and structured according to the principles of co-creation.