Biolchim Polska

Biolchim‘s specialties have been available in Poland for the last 2 years. In 2014 the subsidiary Biolchim Polska Sp z o.o. was founded and the office was open in Warsaw in Poland.

The Central Warehouse of the Biolchim Polska was open in 2016 on the South of Poland. Currently min. 10 products are always available in a warehouse to serve the customers’ demands.

The product portfolio contains well-known brands such as Nov@, Phosfik, Folicist, Fylloton, Solavit, Sunred and others. They are designed and produced to meet specific nutritional needs of vegetables, fruit crops, grapes and extensive crops.

Working in all these segments, the Biolchim Polska technician team work close together with German and Italian agronomists and advisors to bring the best results into farm’s practice.

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