Biolchim Deutschland GmbH

In 2006 the subsidiary Biolchim Deutschland was founded in Hannover – in the northern part of Germany – and Biolchim‘s specialties have been available in the german market ever since. With six agronomists and two employees responsible for logistics and customer services Biolchim Deutschland covers Germany as well as the markets in Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.

More than 80 products are always available in a warehouse nearby the headquarter to serve the customers’ demands. The product portfolio contains well-known brands such as NOV@, Phosfik, Protamin, Sprintalga, Solavit and many others and is designed to meet specific nutritional targets of vegetables, fruit crops, grapes and extensive crops.

Working in all these segments, the german team cooperates beside Biolchim technicians and agronomists and close together with german advisors and officials to bring positive trial results into practice.

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Rendsburger Str. 5 – 30659 Hannover
+49 511 646664-90
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