The company

The value of experience, the strength of innovation

Established in Italy in 1972, Biolchim is a leader company in the production and marketing of special fertilizers and biostimulants, products with high added-value that combine agronomic efficacy and environmental sustainability.

Thanks to the experience acquired in almost 50 years of activity, the ownership of manufacturing technologies of strategic raw materials and a solid platform of knowledge and innovation, Biolchim offers its customers a complete portfolio of safe and effective products that allow to maximize the yield of any crop, anywhere in the world.

The Biolchim headquartes are based in Medicina (northern Italy), where all the phases of the production cycle are carried out up to the final packaging of the products, then shipped all over the world. The Company, in fact, is present in more than 80 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and Oceania.

In Brazil, Germany, Poland, Hungary, China, New Zealand and Australia, Biolchim operates with its own branches while in Egypt, Libano and Turkey through commercial offices. In other countries, the company operates through commercial partnerships with a widespread network of distributors and importers.

Always careful to ensure the quality of the service offered, Biolchim is certified according to the international standards ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 45001 (safety at work).

Biolchim is one of the most dynamic companies on the international panorama of biostimulants: since 2014 the company has lead a group of five companies that ranks among the top players in the sector. Its success and its continuous growth rely on a business strategy based on:

1. Innovation

The Research and Development department has grown over the years to become a structure that counts 16 highly qualified resources and makes use of a real research center that boasts three chemical laboratories for quality control and prototype formulation, numerous pilot plants for simulate small-scale industrial processes and an experimental station with greenhouses and growth chambers.

The internal capacity to innovate is then multiplied exponentially by WIN‘s network of external collaborations, which currently has about a hundred excellent organizations including universities, research centers, analysis laboratories and private test facilities.

The working approach focuses on three fundamental factors:

  • innovative raw materials, in particular extracts and compounds of plant origin with a sustainable profile;
  • high-tech transformation processes, which maintain the biological properties of the ingredients and finished products unaltered;
  • large-scale experimentation, which ensures the efficacy and safety of products in all agronomic contexts.


2. Technical support

Biolchim operates worldwide with a Sales Support Network of specialists ready to meet the specific requirements of each and every customer. Biolchim’s specialists provide retailers and farmers with adequate technical and commercial support, allowing them to respond to any agricultural requirement with the highest profit. Biolchim’s sales support network is constantly in touch with the R&D and marketing teams with up-to-date feedback on the requests of the market which is essential to develop new products and sustain the distribution of the existing ones.


3. People

In today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive marketplace, the source of value creation consists in intangible assets rather than in tangible ones. In fact, knowledge and know-how are essential requirements to achieve challenging goals and long lasting results. Biolchim invests a large share of its annual turnover in talentship, that is scouting for young talents with high professional profiles which are trained and brought into the company to serve customers effectively and thoroughly.


4. Transparency

Biolchim is one of the founding members of EBIC (European Biostimulant Industry Council), a consortium which came into existence 10 years ago with the aim of supporting the European Commission in reviewing the previous legislation on fertilizers and enacting a specific and harmonized regulation able to create a solid market for biostimulants, foster innovation, and guarantee the safety and efficacy of the products.

Thanks to the efforts made by EBIC, to which Biolchim has contributed by bringing its long experience in the sector, biostimulants have been included in the new legislation (Reg. 1009/2019) and the market is now much more aware of what they are and how they act.

Even if the main objective has been achieved, the work of Biolchim and EBIC are still commited to ensure that the new law adequately and effectively covers all the technologies currently available in the world of biostimulants and that an increasing number of players in the chain understand the agronomic, economic and environmental benefits deriving from their correct use.