Biolchim China

Biolchim Group, in line with its vision of global development is present in China with its own subsidiary. Since January 2015 is active in Quingdao, the headquarters of the company subsidiary in charge for the Chinese market and its development. During this, successful year of activity were registered several products that come in addition to those already on the market thus enlarging the portfolio available in the country.

Moreover, thanks to an efficient warehouse and distribution system, our products promptly reach all the agricultural areas of the country.

Our best-known brands in China are, as an example, (Globalga, Algaton, Fulvumin, Fulvuton, Folicist, Sunred, Nova, K- Bomber, Nitrocam).

Our products performs on the market by a constant technical support from our agronomist in the field.

This continuous support help farmers in the proper use of the products to achieve the best results in terms of agronomic and profits targets in different climatic conditions and cultivation techniques in a large country as China. The group’s goal is to become in two years, the first company of Biostimulants present on the Chinese market.

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153, Zhuzhou Street – High Design Center Building 1 – B-1203 Qingdao