Globalga is assigned the award “Biostimulant with greatest market potential in China”

The 2nd Biopesticides and Novel Fertilizers International Summit (BioEx) organized by AgroPages was held in Hangzhou City, China, on August 22-23. This edition From around the World to China focused on the introduction of overseas biopesticides, biostimulants, new technologies and new concepts in China. The event represented an information exchange platform among chinese and foreign companies to strengthen their communication and cooperation.

Nearly 350 company representatives from more than 30 countries attended the summit. Sixteen papers were presented by experts who showed how R&D in the fields of plant physiology, microbiology, organic chemistry, biostimulants and biopesticides can be successfully transformed into actual agricultural practice.

GLOBALGA by Biochim due to its unique formula and outstanding field performance was assigned the award Biostimulant with Greatest Market Potential in China attributed to the top 10 best quality biostimulants on the market.

In China, GLOBALGA is successfully applied on grapevine, mango, winter jujube, melon, tomato, cowpea and potato in all major growing areas helping farmers increase productivity and profitability.