WIN 2020 adresses the future challenges of agriculture

At the second WIN event Biolchim group presented the projects for development in light of the new regulation for biostimulants and the challenges on the world market

The partners of the WIN – Worldwide Innovation Network project met on January 13 and 14 in San Patrignano (Coriano, Rimini IT) to share views on the scientific topics and global trends that play a key role in shaping future agriculture.

Representatives of Universities, agricultural contract research organizations, international research institutions as well as the group’s technical staff and export and country managers who are involved in product development and positioning worldwide have shared their latest news on the group’s research and development activities.

Speakers guided the audience through the steps that lead to new products, from laboratory screening of prototype formulations through bioassays, to small scale tests on plants such as 2D phenotyping, up to open field trials of products close to market. In recent years this process has led to the release of numerous biostimulants, plant strengtheners and microorganism-based specialties.

The CEO and president of the Biolchim group Mr. Leonardo Valenti highlighted the strengths that are at the basis of the growth and success of the group and the challenges that the industry sector will face in the coming years with reference to the changed market conditions, to the regulatory framework and therefore to the competitive landscape.

The very current issue of the relationship between regulation and innovation was addressed in an engaging way by prof. Poma of Nomisma, who outlined interesting case studies from different business sectors.