Biolchim wins the “Excellent firm of imported special fertilizer in China” award

On December 16 of last year, in Wuhan, Biolchim won the award of 2021 Excellent firm of Imported Special Fertilizers in China at the 14th edition of China’s top 100 chemical fertilizers and Green Development Summit Forum of China’s chemical fertilizer industry.

At the conference participated recognized experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and rural areas, and delegates from several major chinese industry associations and scientific institutions, such as China Agricultural Economics Society and China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association. They all shared views and discussed the green development of the chinese fertilizer industry.

During the award ceremony the themes of environmental safety and sustainability were developed in the frame of strengthening technological innovation and paying attention to utilization of resources in the fertilizer industry. Safety and sustainability – economic, social and environmental – are key in Biolchim’s commitment to innovation for an effective agriculture and efficient resources usage: “we innovate, you harvest”.

Biolchim, since 2015, exports to China its made in Italy special fertilizers and biostimulants, working in synergy with its subsidiaries Biolchim Qingdao and Biolchim Hainan. With 10 biostimulants and 10 special fertilizers Biolchim affirms its position among the leaders on this market.

That is confirmed by the long list of recognitions and awards won due to the trust and satisfaction of the customers, such as Top Ten Special Fertilizer Brands, Top Ten Biostimulant Brands, Top Ten Biostimulants Most Trusted by Farmers, Best Market Potential Biostimulant.