Biolchim blows out 50 candles

Anniversaries and special occasions intertwine in the third edition of the WIN Conference

This year marks the 50th anniversary of our company’s activity: an important milestone, of which we are extremely proud.

We did a long way since that distant 1972, when the entrepreneurial foresight of Gianni Zamboni gave life to our brand. Since then our history has been enriched with people, knowledge, successes and new horizons.

Today we are an international and multicultural group, world leader in the formulation of cutting-edge biostimulants and the first promoters of truly sustainable, modern and profitable agriculture.

In a context where financial giants operate, our sensitivity and proximity to the market, combined with a very clear global vision, are decisive factors for reacting promptly and innovatively to adversity. However, I believe that the real driving force for growth is people: loyalty, mutual respect, frankness and a sense of responsibility are fundamental values that belong to a successful team like ours.
Leonardo Valenti


To celebrate our successes and renew our determination for the future, on october 5th, at the Hotel Savoia Regency in Bologna, we combined the celebrations for the 50th anniversary with a day entirely dedicated to research, known as the International WIN Conference, now in its third edition.

The Win Conference is the event with which the Biolchim group anticipates new, innovative solutions in step with the current needs of farmers, offering all project partners a clear overview of the new routes we are tracing.

In addition to the representatives of the group, national and international academics, researchers and exponents of various test centers participated in the event, who shared their experiences with formulations still under testing.

The joy of this important anniversary is not only ours, it also belongs to our customers. Our heartfelt thanks go to them for sharing a new vision of agriculture with us, promoting it with determination and perseverance by using our solutions.
Antonio Di Nardo


Among the appointments scheduled for the day, there was also a moment of celebration entirely dedicated to Biolchim employees, who gathered for dinner in the rooms of the Hotel Savoia Regency.

The banquet was quickly transformed into a precious team building opportunity thanks to the participation of Mauro Bergamasco, italian rugby champion and mental coach.

Mauro reminded everyone that, when you have to face the most difficult challenges – such as those that the market presents us today – it is essential to hug your teammates even closer, working together for everyone’s victory.