Biolchim celebrates its first "American Christmas"

The Company, in its new guise, celebrates Christmas and prepares for a new stage along its growth path

2022 was a very positive year, full of news for the Biolchim Group. Achieving exceptional growth in just a few years, the group caught the attention of various major players within the worldwide industrial landscape, eventually finding the perfect match in the american J.M. Huber Corporation.

At the end of a pivotal phase in the company’s life, Biolchim’s CEO, Mr. Leonardo Valenti, sincerely thanked all the staff and announced a special Christmas gift to the employees.

Monday 12th was an evening of celebrations and surprises for Biolchim employees, who were invited to share a convivial moment at the Hotel Savoia Regency in Bologna. Warmly welcomed, new colleagues from Huber Agrosolution – special guests of this year’s annual company appointment – were also present.

During the long-awaited end-of-year speech, Mr. Valenti described the difficulties related to the outbreak of the war in the heart of Europe, underlining the devastating effects that inflation and speculation have had on global markets. Despite the obstacles encountered, 2022 again marked another year of growth for Biolchim.

The time spent leading this formidable group has taught me how strong the dedication, spirit of inclusiveness and attachment to their jobs are inside all the people that are part of it. It is thanks to everyone’s commitment that today our brand is so successful, esteemed and attractive throughout the world.

Leonardo Valenti
Biolchim’s group CEO

Valenti’s speech was able to clearly convey all the gratitude and esteem towards the employees of the group: each one, as a protagonist within a truly cohesive and integrated team.

Eventually, the CEO announced that, by the will of all the actors involved in the acquisition process, each employee will receive an additional salary at Christmas.

With a long applause from those present, to thank NB Renaissance (Neuberger Berman), Chequers Capital, J.M. Huber Corporation and Biolchim.