Australian team visit

In July 2023, a team from Australia including Lachlan and Ryan Dowdy (from Elite Technical Nutrients), Peter Reynolds and Kurtis Brown (from Yenda Producers Co-op), Richard Hall (from The Bud Group), Jason Bowes (from Victorian Citrus Farms), John Ralli Mildura (grower), Satish Chand (leafy vegetable grower) along with Julian Memoli – Biolchim Australia country manager – traveled to Italy to visit Biolchim group’s plants  and carry out field inspections.

The excellent results achieved by Yenda Producers by using some of the Biolchim products was a motivation for visiting the company and technical staff and evaluating the potential for introducing other Biolchim products to australian growers.

Australia team also had the chance to visit head offices and various farms in north-central Italy (Bologna and Verona areas specifically) as well as in eastern-southern Sicily.

Inspections focused on areas where crops such as tomato, stone fruits, kiwi fruits, table grapes, grapevine and citrus are grown and where growers make consolidated use of Biolchim‘s products; growers with whom visitors eventually had the opportunity to personally interact and discuss with about their personal experience with the usage of the very products.

Our australian visitors were impressed by what they observed and heard from local growers as they mentioned how satisfied they are as the Biolchim products allow them to produce yield complying with the highest european market quality standards.