Huber AgroSolutions celebrates Christmas withjoy and optimism

The splendid setting of Hotel Savoia Regency welcomed the staff of Biolchim and Cifo on the evening of December 5, marking a special occasion of joy and reflection for the first year under the leadership of Huber AgroSolution.

The Christmas dinner opened with inspiring speeches by Victor Dean, Global General Manager of Huber AgroSolution, and Ariana Cohen, EMEA APAC General Manager.

During their speeches, the leaders reviewed the past year in the agricultural sector, emphasizing the remarkable resilience of the HAS team in the face of encountered challenges.

Ariana Cohen emphasized the stability of Huber AgroSolution and the long-term vision of J.M. Huber Corporation, highlighting the ability to make strategic choices for the future. Throughout the first year, significant investments have been dedicated to the well-being and safety of workers, with upcoming restructuring initiatives aimed at enhancing productivity and improving working environments.

In his address, Victor Dean shared optimistic forecasts for 2024, anticipating an improvement in conditions in key markets. The HAS manager expressed confidence in the accelerated growth of the entire agricultural division, attributing much of this success to the contribution and dedication of the employees.

With warm thanks and wishes for a peaceful Christmas to all present, the dinner proved to be a unique opportunity to reflect on the lessons of the past year, strengthen bonds, and look with confidence towards the promising future of the division.