Well-developed capillary root system and high yield

VHERA LIFE and VHERA bring new life to exhausted and problematic soils.

In difficult agronomic conditions it may seem complicated to reach high level of yield and quality. The soil is one fundamental element for plant growth, but it can hide adversities like pathogens, parasites, toxic substances that undermine the production potential of the crops. With the use of pre-biotic and pro-biotics it is possible to re-establish optimal conditions for the root ecosystem.



Planting the same crop in the same field over time can lead to soil exhaustion, a condition of imbalance that affects some or all of the factors characterizing the soil-plant system. Alterations can affect soil organic matter, nutrient availability, populations of beneficial microbes, virulence of bacteria, viruses and fungi and even the concentration of toxic substances. In a hostile and resource-depleted soil, plants suffer a sheer drop of their growth and productivity.



The list of opportunistic soil organisms includes a wide range of pathogens; among the most widespread and dangerous ones are nematodes. These small worms, colorless and eel-like, sting and suck the tissues of the root giving rise to the formation of galls (characteristic symptom). Attacked plants show growth difficulties, atrophic roots, poor productivity, susceptibility to the action of secondary pathogens, yellowing and leaf wilt, which progresses to total desiccation.



The rhizosphere hosts a huge number of beneficial microorganisms (rhizobiome), with which plants establish profitable bonds (mutualism). These “good microbes” stimulate root development, fertilize the substrate and defend the crop from attack by underground parasites. From the study of these mechanisms, VHERA LIFE and VHERA are born: the first agro-formulations with prebiotic and probiotic action.

VHERA LIFE is the prebiotic. Its formulation which is rich in terpenes, betaines and nutrients with a high biological value, promotes the multiplication and activation of the beneficial microorganisms of the rhizosphere, simultaneously promoting the development and branching of the root.

VHERA is the probiotic. By bringing mycorrhizal fungi and rhizobacteria, it repopulates and strengthens the rhizobiome, hindering the activity of soil parasites and promoting the maintenance of vegetative-productive functions even in adverse conditions.



Applying in fertigation, VHERA LIFE and VHERA allow to preserve optimal production and quality levels, even on poor, unstructured and problematic soils due to the presence of nematodes. Thanks to this strategy, which is completely innovative and can be integrated with the pre-existing ones, the plant can develop a large and robust root system, replace malfunctioning roots and maintain an absorption capacity that preserves its optimal vegetative-productive development despite adversities.

VHERA LIFE and VHERA are allowed in organic farming.


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