Biolchim’s winning answer to the demand for innovative and effective solutions to improve productivity and sustainability. Originating from vegetal sources, Specialties ensure the intake of several biologically active ingredients (such as natural growth promoters, amino acids, fulvic acids, polyphenols, terpens) that work in synergy to nourish the plant and enhance its metabolism.

Meso and micronutrients

A complete range of products based on Meso and Micronutrients, suitable for both foliar application and fertigation. Meso and Micronutrients are available in three different forms – chelated, complexed and ionic – either alone, to prevent and cure specific deficiencies, or in mixtures tailored to meet crop nutritional requirements at any growth stage and in any soil type.

Foliar NPKs + Micro

Complete range of products specific for foliar application, based on Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium enriched with Micronutrients.
Their advanced formulations secure a quick nutrient uptake by the leaves to match the crop nutritional requirements in each different growth stage.

Fertigation products

Complete range of NPK fertilisers with Meso and Micronutrients chelated by EDTA, in liquid or powder form, specific for fertigation or hydroponic applications. These products are extremely pure and soluble and supply Macro, Meso and Micronutrients in ratios and concentrations specifically conceived to meet crop nutritional requirements at any growth stage and in any soil type.

Granular specialties

The characteristic granular formulation of these specialties makes them particularly suitable for the distribution at soil preparation, sowing or transplanting and reduces leaching losses. Through localized applications, nutrients can be supplied in the immediate vicinity of the roots ready for absorption.

Complementary products

Specific products to improve the performance of foliar applications (pH indicator and corrector, equipment cleanser), fertigation and hydroponics systems (descaler, oxygenizer).