Cold damage in corn?

Fylloton, Biolchim's natural solution that improves the recovery of the young plants


Today the early sowing of corn, is a tendency to avoid the bloom in periods characterized by high warm but exposes young seedlings to the risk of spring low temperatures. These cause a purplish red coloring of the leaves and growth arrests, compromising both the quantity and quality of the yield.



Fylloton is a natural promoter of vegetative growth which, thanks to its high content of amino acids and betaines, anti-stress substances, stimulates the development of the plant and improves its recovery from stress caused both by low temperatures and by agrochemical applications.

Fylloton is particularly suitable for the application on corn in the post-emergence stage combined with the herbicides, to reduce both the stress caused by cold and by the use of agrochemicals.

Recent trials carried out on maize in the province of Bologna have shown that plants treated with Fylloton did not present the purplish red coloring, typical symptom of the exposure to low temperatures, which was instead present in the untreated plants.


Download FYLLOTON’s leaflet here.