The Biolchim Group speaker at the Biostimulants World Congress Digital Week

Two speakers from the Biolchim Group have participated in the first session of the NewAg International and Knect365 Life Sciences 4-day webcast series on biostimulants on October 8.

Dr. Anna Fontana (Biolchim)

Anna Fontana (Biolchim S.p.A.) and Chiara Manoli (Ilsa) have illustrated how two innovative types of hydrolysis-derived biostimulants can improve nutrient use efficiency in crops: one derived from plant tissues of the Fabaceae family, and one line of products based on hydrolyzed gelatin cointaining the proteic activator of the rhizosphere (APR®) – The Protamin line.

Talks have guided the audience through the different hydrolysis technologies employed for production and the scientific research that has characterized the biostimulant activity of the products from their prototype stage.

The talk was watched by more than 400 registrants from all over the world, who created a lively Q&A session. The quality of the presentation was rated good to excellent by 80% of the audience.

This success is the result of a constant effort of the group to in product research and development as well as over 40 years of experience in the specialty fertilizer and biostimulants sector, which have brought the Biolchim Group to be one of the most dynamic and competitive companies on the international markets.