The Biolchim group

As of 2014 Biolchim is the leading company of a wider group of companies including another Italian special fertilizer manufacturer company, CIFO, and, the Canada’s West Coast Marine Bio Processing a company specialized in the production and trade of seaweed products based on Macrocystis Integrifolia.

In 2016, also the hungarian potting soil and substrate manufacturer Matécsa Kft. became part of the group followed by the italian ILSA SpA, a company with a long-standing tradition in the production of biostimulants, organic and organo-mineral fertilizers in both liquid and solid form. ILSA perfectly fits in the development and innovation plan of the Biolchim group.


CIFO is a leading Italian historical company established in 1965 that designs, produces and markets worldwide its nutritional specialties and biostimulants. The production facilities and the registered offices are located in San Giorgio di Piano, just outside Bologna, in northern Italy.

The company is divided in two different divisions: Professional agriculture and Home&Garden.

The Professional Agriculture division offers nutritional solutions for both conventional and organic agriculture that stand out for their high quality and sustainability. CIFO products meet the needs of customers while respecting the environment and human health, in a context where it is increasingly required to produce more consuming less possible resources.

CIFO has a dedicated sales support team who work closely with all clients, offering technical, marketing and commercial support with technical guidelines that vary according to the specific agronomic conditions of the area.

The Home & Garden division offers a complete range of fertilizers and special formulations, that are innovative, of the highest quality, natural and allowed in organic farming. They are tested in professional agriculture and intended to meet all the needs from the nutrition and protection of all plants cultivated in an apartment, a balcony or a garden, to their care and beauty.

Combining quality, know-how and reliability, CIFO has become a successful reality within the plant nutrition sector able to provide effective solutions designed to improve farmers’ productions, reduce environmental impact and simplify the work of growers, florists, gardeners and all operators in the public green sector.

To help the users of CIFO nutritional solutions obtain the best performance from their products, we offer technical support also available online at


West Coast Marine-Bio Processing began to manufacture of KELPGROW line in 2002. The company and product concept was conceived in 1982, and inspired by the century old tradition of using seaweeds by farmers all over the world.

West Coast Marine-Bio Processing head offices are located in Vancouver (BC). The company produces and manufactures a pure and highly concentrated liquid seaweed extract from Macrocystis Integrifolia, a brown seaweed of the Laminariales order.

West Coast Marine-Bio Processing production facilities are located on the far northern side of Vancouver Island, where these seaweeds are grown in pristine and uncontaminated waters, making their seaweed products of the highest purity and free of any pollutants.

West Coast Marine-Bio Processing have fully integrated operations of the entire production process and all steps in production are conducted on-site at our facilities. All production phases are strictly monitored and the quality control system guarantees a consistent performance of all our products. The R&D department periodically controls the consistency and performance of our products, and the commitment is to improve all aspects of product formulation and product application continuously.


Matécsa Kft. is leader in the production of potting soil and substrates in Hungary. The Company operates a peat mine from which it extracts the main source for its products since 1988.

Matécsa Kft. also markets different kind of fertilizers and plant care inputs under the well-known trademark Florimo. The Company’s factory is located in Kecel, about 125 km south of Budapest. The Company sells the products via a broad distribution network in Hungary and exports to neighboring countries like Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Matécsa Kft. guarantees the supply of high-quality raw material both for the Home & Garden and the professional sector.

Visit Matécsa Kft. website.


Since 1956 ILSA has been producing and selling organic and organo-mineral fertilizers (both solid and liquid), biostimulants and products with specific action. It has a full range of different product lines, for both conventional and organic farming.

ILSA’s mission is to best meet the needs of today’s farming, which is becoming increasingly specialized and focused on environmental issues. Through its research center and technological innovation, ILSA constantly develops innovative products of high quality and efficiency using valuable natural feedstock.

The company owns three production plants, two in Italy – Arzignano, Vicenza and Molfetta, Bari) and one in Brazil (Porto Alegre). The plants are highly automated and unique in their field, for they are the only ones capable of producing slow-release solid organic fertilizers (this process is named FCH: Fully Controlled Hydrolysis) and liquid fertilizers whose molecular weight is predetermined during production (this process is named FCEH: Fully Controlled Enzymatic Hydrolysis).

Aside from the FCH and FCEH technologies, which generate nutrition products characterized by the exclusive matrices AGROGEL® and GELAMIN®, the company has developed unique technologies for the production of biostimulants and resistance inducers.

ILSA is present on the domestic and international markets through a selected network of distributors supported by highly qualified technical and commercial staff.

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