Happy birthday EBIC!

Biolchim celebrates the 10th anniversary of EBIC, the European Biostimulant Industry Council, and goes through the achieved results

On 14 June 2011, Biolchim was among the 10 companies which came together in Brussels to discuss what opportunities the future EU Fertiliser Regulation could hold for the biostimulant industry.

The European Biostimulant Industry Council (EBIC), which is now 63 members strong, came into existence on that day. Since the foundation, EBIC was aimed to participate proactively in relevant regulatory discussions at the European Commission, and to advocate an operating environment that would create a truly European market for biostimulants.

In the words of Leonardo Valenti, CEO of the Biolchim Group:

After 10 years of hard work we are satisfied of the goals achieved and glad to be among the EBIC founder members. We have navigated a challenging political landscape and overcame several obstacles to successfully obtain, for the first time, the inclusion of plant biostimulants in the 1009/2019 EU Fertilising Products Regulation.

Thanks to the dedication of EBIC over the last decade, to which Biolchim has contribuite by sharing its long experience of the sector, plant biostimulants are now much better-known and trusted, and their market is continually expanding.

With biostimulants gaining access to the European single market in July 2022, we might consider EBIC’s 10th anniversary the culmination of our long and hard work. However, our job is keep on looking to the future of biostimulants and shape it together.

Along with EBIC, we continue to engage in ensuring effective implementation of the rules, including all plant biostimulant technologies in the regulation, and making sure that all the relevant stakeholders understand the agronomic and environmental benefits of biostimulants and how to get the most out of them.