Chinese customers and Biolchim china branch managers visit Italy

Our Chinese branch instituted an award visit to Sicily with the most important retailers from various regions of China. They stayed in Sicily from 13th to 18th of March and Wednesday 15th was dedicated to guided visits to important client farms present between the province of Catania and that of Syracuse.

The manager of BCF China Niki Chen headed the Chinese team. Her right hand Steven Long was there, along with 10 retailers among the most important distributors of our products in China.

We have to thank our Sicilian colleagues Sebastiano Azzarelli and Giuseppe Campanella for their support. They made possible to visit some farms where the use of Biolchim products is consolidated over the years and translated into “best practices” to be shared and transferred to the respective cultivation areas of the our customers in China.

In the specific, we visited the Arcoria farm in Sferro area (Catania). In that farm, there are cultivations of citrus fruits, apricots and extensive crops. Then we moved to Augusta (Syracuse) to visit Giorgio Rizza’s farm, one of the most important in the area for the production of early potatoes. In the afternoon, we visited the horticultural greenhouses farm of Mr. Carrubba, between Pachino and Portopalo di Capo Passero (SR), i.e. in the heart of the IGP cherry tomato production area.

Last but definitively not least, still in the Portopalo area, we concluded the day visiting the Agristore resale, where the owners, together with their technician, showed us the main Biolchim products on the shelf and the most widespread and performing technical lines in their area.

The Chinese customers were very satisfied, particularly because of the news about positioning of some quite important Biolchim products in China, such as NOV@, K-BOMBER 56, FOLICIST, which they will certainly be able to exploit to improve their turnover on their markets.

We would like to thank our Sicilian colleagues for the precious support provided; we hope that in the future there will be more opportunities for discussion and exchange of ideas/opinions with colleagues and customers from our most important foreign markets.

Vittorio Volpicelli (technical manager Cina)
and Davide Picciotto (product manager Cina)