Metabolic enhancer of flowering and fruit set
  • Optimizes and uniforms flowering
  • Facilitates pollen germination and fruit setting
  • Supports plant metabolism during the reproductive stage
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Folic acid, Seaweed extracts (Ascophyllum nodosum), Plant extracts (alfalfa), Glycine betaine.


FertigationFoliar application


The product can be mixed with all common formulations, except with products based on Copper and Sulphur, mineral oils and emulsions. A simple mixture test to check compatibility is advisable.


0.5–1–5 L

Mode of action

FOLICIST® enhances plant metabolism optimizing flowering and fruit set. Each and every component in this product is a biostimulant by itself:

  • folic acid: promotes the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) required for cell division;
  • glycine betaine: ensures recovery from the intense metabolic stress of flowering and fruit set;
  • plant extracts: supply amino acids, vitamins, and natural growth substances;
  • seaweed extracts: supply natural growth regulators.

Pursuant to art. 48 of EC Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP), before concluding the purchase contract it is required to read the risks associated with the product.

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