Biolchim grows on the spanish market

The company strengthens its network by opening a new branch in the Iberian peninsula

The spanish agricultural market is considered one of the most dynamic in Europe: suited to the production of fruit and vegetables both for domestic consumption and for export. It is also a market particularly receptive to innovations, where quality standards are very high and the demand for sustainably produced or organic food is constantly growing.

For over 10 years Biolchim has made available to local agricultural producers the latest generation of biostimulants and fertilizers, which over time have established themselves for their ability to improve the organoleptic characteristics of crops and productivity. The experiences obtained with FOLICIST, CREMALGA and NOV@ represent a virtuous case, versatile and effective specialties that have favored an adequate economic return on the investments of thousands of farms.

Today the Italian brand led by the giant Huber Agrosolutions is proud to announce the opening of its new subsidiary in this lively market. This expansion will bring Biolchim closer to spanish farmers and technicians, with the aim of overcoming the challenges of the markets together and promoting sustainable agricultural practices to improve crop productivity throughout the region.

The new branch, located in Valencia, will serve as a central hub for the distribution of state-of-the-art biostimulants and fertilizers to a network of local strategic partners along with Biolchim’s solutions will reach the spanish farms. These innovative products are designed to improve plant development, help overcome environmental adversities and improve crop performance.

Biolchim has built a strong reputation worldwide for its dedication to innovation, customer-centric approach and commitment to environmental responsibility. The company’s extensive research and development efforts have enabled it to build a diverse portfolio of agricultural solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of various crops and growing conditions.