Calcium and Magnesium nitrate double salt with Molybdenum
  • Prevents calcium and magnesium deficiency disorders
  • Improves firmness
  • Improves fruit enlargement
  • Improves shelf life of fruit and vegetables
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FertigationFoliar application


The product can be mixed with all common formulations, except with products based on Sulphur, mineral oils and emulsions. A simple mixture test to check compatibility is advisable.


1–5–20 L

Mode of action

NITROCAM® is a double nitrate salt of Calcium and Magnesium, enriched with Molybdenum, obtained by chemical reaction of raw materials and not by simple mechanical blending. Due to the strongly acid pH, NITROCAM® quickly penetrates inside tissues and is translocated in all parts of the plant.

The use of NITROCAM® allows to prevent physiological disorders due to Calcium and Magnesium deficiencies, thus increasing firmness and shelf-life of fruit and vegetables.

Pursuant to art. 48 of EC Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP), before concluding the purchase contract it is required to read the risks associated with the product.

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