Nitrogen foliar fertilizer with anti-stress action
  • Promotes vegetative growth
  • Prevents growth arrest due to abiotic stress
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Foliar application


The product can be mixed with all common formulations except the ones based on copper, mineral oils and Bordeaux mixtures. A simple mixture test to check compatibility is advisable.


5–20 L

Mode of action

PHYLEN® contains both nutritional and anti-stress substances, that promote vegetative growth and prevent growth arrests due to environmental stress.

  • Organic, urea and urea formaldehyde nitrogen: they act in synergy ensuring a long-lasting release of nitrogen and the reduction of losses due to leaching and volatilization.
  • Glycine betaine: thanks to its bioprotective action, it maintains the osmotic balance and the functionality of the membrane in the vegetal cells even in adverse climatic conditions.
  • Sulfur and Magnesium: since they are involved in the photosynthetic process and in the biosynthesis of the amino acids, they improve primary metabolism of the plant and enhance the qualitative characteristics of production.

Pursuant to art. 48 of EC Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP), before concluding the purchase contract it is required to read the risks associated with the product.

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