Synergist of herbicides with anti-stress and growth promoting action
  • Enhances the efficacy of herbicides and pesticides and allows the plant to overcome growth arrests due to their application
  • Promotes tillering in cereals leading to increased yields
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Plant extracts, Amino acids, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Micronutrients, uptake bio enhancers.


Foliar application


The product can be mixed with all common formulations, except with products with alkaline reaction, oily pesticide formulations and mineral oils. A simple mixture test to check compatibility is advisable.


1–5–20 L

Mode of action

SHIFT is specifically designed for extensive crops (i.e. cereals, soy, processing tomato, alfalfa). Alone or in association with post-emergence herbicides, SHIFT:

  • improves the efficacy of herbicides and pesticides: SHIFT is empowered with Uptake bio enhancers, next-generation wetting agents that combine the properties of chemical tension actives (increased contact surface) with those of organic molecules (improved penetration of active ingredients);
  • avoids growth arrests due to herbicides and pesticides application: SHIFT contains amino acids, Nitrogen and micronutrients that allow the plant to overcome the stress caused by herbicides and pesticides application;
  • promotes tillering in cereals: plant extracts are rich in zeatin, a natural cytokinin that stimulates lateral bud breaking and directs nutrients toward the tillers. Its effect is corroborated by Phosphorus, Nitrogen and amino acids.

Pursuant to art. 48 of EC Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP), before concluding the purchase contract it is required to read the risks associated with the product.

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