Soil preparation to enhance seeds germination and roots formation with NOV@ Gr

To enhance roots formation of cereals, soybean, sunflower, oilseed rape, potato, sugarbeet, sugarcane, industrial tomato, cotton

Soil preparation is a primary stage to ensure a high yield of good quality. This method of fertilisation allows to fertilise crops which usually have a low input of fertilisers, due to the particularity of their market. Biolchim provides a complete fertilisation plan to have the best results possible and to maximize the efforts of farmers.



To improve soil structure and nutrient availability: NOV@ GR.

NOV@ GR is a granular biostimulant based on plant extract which improves the efficency of the root-soil system due to the synergism between the active ingredients contained in the vegetal extract.

Thanks to the high content of humic and fulvic acids NOV@ GR improve the growth and development of the plants by promoting the nutrient uptake. It also improves the soil structure leading to a better drainage and air circulation.


Time of application and dosage:

Localized at sowing30-45 kg/ha