SUNRED® improves colouration and ripening uniformity of citrus

Improving the fruit ripening and colour development is easy with SUNRED®, biopromoter of fruit colouration and maturation based on vegetal extracts rich in oxylipins and phenylalanine. These compounds stimulates the natural physiological mechanisms involved in ripening, allowing sugar and pigments.

After Sunred application, fruits ripe faster and reach a final colouration which is more intense without altering flesh firmness and fruit conservability.



SUNRED® improves citrus ripening

Trials on orange cv. Naveline showed that SUNRED® improves fruit colouration at the harvest. SUNRED® has been applied at the dose of 1 L for 100 L of water.


How does SUNRED® works?

SUNRED® favours skin colouration because supplies both the precursor (phenylalanine) and the enhancer (oxylipins) of the biosynthetic pathways of anthocyanins and flavonoids, pigments responsible for colour development of the fruit; as a result, SUNRED® promotes pigment accumulation and enhances fruit colour. Moreover SUNRED® increases the biosynthesis of lignin, which strengthens the cell walls, preserving the shelf life of fruits.


SUNRED®: how to use it

To improve fruit colouration and uniform ripening, SUNRED® can be applied in two treatments at a dosage of 400 ml/100 L, or in a single treatment at the dosage of 1 L/100 L. The first treatment is carried out when at least the 50% of the fruit has reached the veraison.