Biolchim and Disan together at the third seminar on banana in Colombia

From the 27th to the 29th of July, the city of Apartadó hosted the third seminar on banana cultivation, a major event for professionals and exhibitors of the main agricultural companies operating in the sector. Biolchim participated with the local technical manager Sandra Avendaño and the technicians from the Colombian trading partner.

More than 350 people attended the seminar, other conferences and visited the stands.

In Colombia, the Gulf of Urabá and the northeast of the Magdalena department stand out for the high technological level of banana plantations, thanks to the double advantage of the favorable location and the soil quality compared to other producing areas. This area has reached such high levels of production and quality that increased the banana export flow of the country, especially towards the United States and Europe.

Biolchim, together with the commercial partner, presented a study on the effects of biostimulants on the productivity and quality of banana plantations.

Biolchim is present on the Colombian market with its specialties:

  • FOLICIST, promoter of flowering and fruit set, improves the plant metabolism and, thanks to the high content of glycine betaine, allows to overcome abiotic stress.
  • FYLLOTON, thanks to the synergy between vegetal amino acids and algae extract, promotes the vegetative development of the plant.
  • NOV@ GR is a granular product promoter of growth that is produced by an exclusive industrial process that combines fulvic acids, humic acids, amino acids and glycine betaine, which together favor root development and a balanced vegetative growth.
  • GLIBOR Ca contains complexed boron with ethanolamine and calcium in high concentrations and a balanced ratio. Thanks to the exclusive formula, calcium and boron remains soluble and are easily assimilated from the plant, which uses them to increase texture consistency and fertility of pollen. Glycine betaine improves the effect of the elements.

Biolchim, in collaboration with local farmers, performs trials that show the effectiveness of its products in banana cultivation.