Condivisione e nuovo slancio per il team tecnico Biolchim

A few hours of retreat, with the aim of measuring, depthing and growing: individually and as a team. On the 18th of June, Biolchim’s technical department met in Molfetta, in the province of Bari, to analyse the successes and the problems of the first semester, but above all to look carefully at the objectives to be pursued in the second half of the ‘year.



At the opening of the proceedings Biolchim’s technical office welcomed three new agronomists, who recently joined the group, and put in important agricultural centers in Sicily and Puglia: Francesco Giordano, Sebastiano Azzarelli and Sabino Ficco.

People are one of the most important foundations of Biolchim. This is why the company constantly invests in young talents to be introduced in the strategic areas of the organization.

Biolchim’s technical department, at the service of farmers and alongside industry experts, provides daily the necessary support to reach any agronomic goal with maximum profit.




After giving a quick glance at the 2019 partial sales data, great space was dedicated to the presentation of successful cases and the exchange of new application experiences. The circularization of information allows each Biolchim technician to increase the knowledge on the solutions in the catalog, as well as to adapt and transfer the experiences gained in other areas of Italy into his own pedoclimatic context.

The main objective of this activity is to find the best answer to the agronomic problems that characterize modern agriculture.



In the extensive and complete Biolchim portfolio, the nutritional specialties most at the center of attention were T34 BIOCONTROL, PROTAMIN CU 62, PHYLEN and FOLICIST. These solutions, in fact, have been particularly appreciated by farmers for effectiveness, safety and reliability, igniting an enormous satisfaction in the team.

Finally, the meeting was a further precious opportunity for the headquarters staff to listen to their technical network, taking inspiration to improve their work and provide increasingly more focused and valid technical-marketing support.